Sunday, 18 October 2015

Congratulations to the so called 'big teams'>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>Yesterday,all the big teams in the Barclays Premier League went into action against their opponent>>>>>some played at home while some still played on away soil>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>They all got their opponent beaten hands down with Liverpool sharing a point with Tottenham

Hotspur as Klopp makes his first appearance as the manager in charge of Liverpool.>>>>Yesterday saw the
Image for the news result two Manchester clubs cruising to glory with Manchester City demolishing the newly promoted Premiership

side and Manchester United beaten Everton to a 3-0 margin.>>>>>>>>>>>>>Arsenal also showed their class when they

visited Vicarage Road that same yesterday by a 3-0 margin.<<<<<<<<<<<This result shows that Manchester City is placed

at the first position, having 21 points, >>>>>>>Arsenal placed at the second position with 19 points,who is ahead of

Manchester United who is sited at the third position with goal difference of two<<<<<<< as they share the same point

on the table while the last season's title winner is placed on the eleventh position with eleven points below Liverpool that is placed at the tenth position>>>>>>>>