Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Champions League is here again>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<The matches have been played,

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Some teams won on merit while some had lost on demerit.>>>We all witnessed what

happened between Real Madrid and Shakter which made Ronaldo to become the first person to score ha

trick in this season's Champion's League.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Do you think that the match officiating was

fair enough??????????????What about Man City removing a defender to replace him with a mid fielder in

the game which lost at home to juventus?????????????What was going on in Pelleigrini's head at that moment that made him removed the defender that was really in the game

and he never learn from his last season's lesson?????????????????????What about the 59million pounds

striker that couldn't give Manchester United a win nevertheless it was a fair score.SAY YOUR VIEW>>>>>>>>>>>>