Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Conversation betwwen Mum and Son>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<<<Son digging a whole in the garden>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Mum: son what do you think you are doing?

Son: mum am trying to go into farming.

Mum: son see what you are doing to yourself and why are you doing this?

Son: mum, you know ever since i finished school i have been searching for work but no way even the 2Million jobs that Buhari promised is not forth coming.

Mum: serious, so you think by digging a whole you make a living?

Son: mum i  want to...............

Mum: son you are a fool,do you know that??so i trained you in school to come and start digging drown for me??
Son: but mum..
                              Mum crying
Mum: don't mummy me because right now am disappointed in you,your father must hear this.