Sunday, 20 September 2015

Do you really believe in courtship before marriage????

>>>>>>>>>>When it comes to courtship, many have different views >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Many do not believe in courtship as they feel it is waste of time.Still many religious
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leaders believe that courtship is not necessary as it may lead to pre-marital sex which the Bible refers to as a

sin.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Getting a view on it, it may be seen as the period before marriage when the

prospective couples get to know more about each other.>>>>>>>>>During this time,they come close to

each other than before with the intention of knowing the dos and don'ts of each

other.>>>>>>>>>>>>Among the things they try to find out this period are the behavior, loyalty,how to

handle each other etc.>>>>>>>>>>It is this period they will know their compatible as regards to the

marriage.>>>>>The would be couples will also get to know the family background of each

other>>>>>>>>>>like how the family is,is it a broken home, the religion, do they have regard for

people??The man will get to find out how things are being done in the girl's village as it regards to marriage. It is also this period that they know how ready and prepared they are to go into the marriage>>>>>>>