Monday, 14 September 2015

Health as the most valuable asset>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>There is a saying that goes like this "Health is Wealth" meaning that once you have health,
you can achieve wealth and other things. Staying healthy gives you the opportunity to reach and attain great height in life.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >How to know when one is healthy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Its possible to feel health while you are not and the body system may not let you know because until it has failed to put things in order.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Having idea of what staying healthy means will let you know when you are getting it wrong>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<CHARACTERISTICS OF A HEALTHY PERSON>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Being free from drug.
  • Not being dependent on any drug.
  • Getting adequate sleep.
  • Ability to carry out the daily activities without undue fatigue.
  • Proper functioning of the body system and carrying out their normal responsibilities.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Staying healthy requires a lot of work which when maintain, keep your body healthy.
  1. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Balanced Diet>>>>>>>>>>>>>This means eating adequate food that is rich in nutrient and in equal proportion.Eating breakfast before going to work helps you to be mentally alert>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Sleep>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Getting adequate sleep helps the body system to analyze the work done so far and reinstate itself for the work ahead.>>>>>Deprivation of yourself the required sleep may result to deficiency and lead to ill-health.
  3. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Lifestyle>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Adopting a good lifestyle is very important as it helps the body to stay clear of some illnesses.>>>>>>>>>>>Avoid procrastination as it may lead to stress.>>>>>>>>>Avoid the use of drugs which may result to dependency and alter you perception of reality.<<<<<Avoid too much alcohol and always drink copious fluid.>>>>>>>>>>>>Avoid smoking as it predisposes to several ill-health.>>>>>>>>>>>Plan yourself to avoid doing things haphazardly.
  4. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Exercise>>>>>>>>>>>>>>It keeps the body fit leaving it in proper working condition.