Thursday, 24 September 2015

How motivated are you to do what you are doing>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Many do things not because is their wish>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>but may be they are forced to do such or due to others reasons unknown

but failed to understand that without motivation, anything you are doing is bound to fail.Whatever prompt

someone to do something is motivation.>>>>>>>>>>>>>Motivation is a psychological construct which

helps one to engage in a task, sustain the task, and achieve the goal.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>There are different levels and types of motivation>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
<<<<<<<<<<Levels of motivation>>>>

  • Low motivation:What you derive joy in doing.Achievement does not matter.

  • Moderate motivation:Desires achievement but not anxious about that.

  • High motivation:It leads to anxiety, creates tension and may also lead to failure.
Types of motivation :
  • Intrinsic motivation: It comes from within and it may include the low and moderate level of motivation
  • Extrinsic motivation:It is external.It includes high level motivation.
When motivation comes from within, there is a better chance of completing the project with a greater achievement.>>>>>>>