Monday, 14 September 2015

How often do you get enough sleep>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sleep is very important to stay healthy and sometimes your body tells you if you have gotten a enough of it or not
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Sleep as we all know may be viewed as a state of changed consciousness or partial consciousness, from which a person can be aroused by stimulation.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Although

some other activities may>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

be decreased during sleep,brain stem function such as respiration, heart rate, blood pressure amongst other continues.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Shakespeare viewed to sleep as "nature's soft nurse", referring to its restorative

effect on the body.Sleep gives the brain the opportunity to analyze the day's events and to work through

emotional problems in dream imagery.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Sleep is also viewed by some authors as a

reverse learning.Sleep gives>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

your body the time to relax and come back to its normal functioning that prepares it for another day's event

or activities.Sleep is of two type which are RAPID EYE MOVEMENT SLEEP(REMS) AND NOT

RAPID EYE MOVEMENT SLEEP(NRMS) and during the NREMS, we pass through the four stages of

sleep which may be observed by the variation of the EEG(Electroencephalogram) parttern.