Sunday, 27 September 2015

Is Morinho stay at Stamford Bridge getting to an end>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>As speculated before, Chelsea was considering sacking Morinho before he won his
Champion's League encounter against Maccabi Tev and also the fellow London club last week.Chelsea also

won their Capital one cup encounter at the midweek but failed to maintain the winning trek as they struggled

to 2-2 come back against Newcastle on Saturday which left Mourinho seriously lamenting.
He said: "In the first half, from 0-10, we were minus one. It was that bad.

"We were so poor, so bad. At half-time I said I was sorry I only had three subs as I wanted to change six".

 The introduction of Ramires and Willian moved the game as they bought more intensity into the game and

Newcastle was forced to a 2-2 draw at home.Chelsea are now eight points behind the League leaders

Manchester United and Newcastle remain second to the last on the table.What will be the fate of Chelsea

boss as tension keeps rising and everyone getting frustrated??????