Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Morning Blessing>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<<<<<<<Welcome to this day
which the Lord has made, let us rejoice in it. Many have gone to work, many are on there way, and many are still getting ready to go to work.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>As the Lord has made us to see the brightness of this day,
                               <<<<<<<<<<<<<<May we rejoice in his strength
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>May we not lack anything
                                         >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>May he provide us with our daily bread
>>>>>>>>>May he protect us as we go about our businesses today
                        >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>May he bless us today
>>>>>>>>May his grace be sufficient enough for us this day
                                                          >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>May we trample upon our enemies today by his grace
                                <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<May the peace of the Lord which passeth all understanding  keeps our heart and mind.
                                                            >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>May the love of God guide us today in all we are doing
        >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>We can claim it by faith, so if you believe say a BIG AMEN..