Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Tips for getting pregnant>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Many couples get frustrated at not been able to make babies notwithstanding the 

fact that they are on the right track
pregnant woman <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<While some women conceive and fall 

pregnant quickly and easily, for many it is not what they bargained for.>>>>>>>>>>>> Many do all sorts of things such as sacrifices, rituals, etc. because they feel it is not normal. Many drink all kinds of drugs and thereby causing more harms to themselves. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Although, there are some factors that hinder one from getting pregnant, there are also some tips that will help one get pregnant, however as a woman, the most 

important thing is knowing your cycle and when you are in your ovulation period so you can plan to have sex 
during your most fertile days: from three days before ovulation through the day of ovulation.<<<<<<<<<< 

These are things you should do to maximize your chance of getting pregnant.

  • Knowing your fertile days and having sex during the period.>>>>>>>>>> It is important that the woman is very familiar with her cycle so as to know she is most fertile. >>>>>>>>>>>During this period the egg is released from the ovary and moves into the fallopian tube where it’s ready to meet the sperm. <<<<<<<<<<<This is marked by change in cervical mucus such as being slippery to allow the easy passage of the sperm upwards.

  • Having sex.>>>>>>>>>>>>>> It is believed that regular sex will not only give you chance to get pregnant but will keep the man’s sperm in good shape. Very thick sperm they said, cannot impermanent a woman,(it is not scientifically proved).

  • Good sex position. Many disagreed on this but still many believes that most sex positions makes difficult for one to get pregnant as sperm may not be able to swim easily through easily.>>>>>WedMD