Wednesday, 16 September 2015

When you parents want you to get married to a rich man>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Due to the hardship in the county and other reasons that maybe unknown to us
parents now want their daughter to get married to a rich man no matter how ugly the man is>>>>>because

they sent you to school,they would dictate for you.>>>>>>Even our young girls have already been trained

like that.>>>>>>>>>>>>>So far there is money,they don't want to know whether the man is a
This is what is called beauty and the beast.

beast>>>>>>>Money they said makes a man fine but what about when you get married to such person and

you mistakenly wake up in the middle of night to look for something and suddenly take a flash at his

face,what will be your reaction???????????Mothers when your

beautiful daughter gets married to this man, will you ever be

comfortable when they come to visit?????????????