Sunday, 27 September 2015

When your mum gives you the last advice before you leave the house>>>>>>>>>>>>>

After your parents have finished training you in school
>>>>>>>and you graduated, as you start work and ready to move into your own apartment and leave on your own, your parents especially your mother will tell you some matured words to guide you in all you are doing>>>>>>>>>>>
                   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Such words come as advice and also as a caution>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
>>>>>>>>>>>Among what she will you are
Always read your Bible and pray to God everyday.

She will give you a Bible as a gift and tells you to always abide by the word.

Do not give up soon,try and learn new things to get inspired and keep going, no matte what.

Try as much as possible to live within your monthly income so as to be financially secured

Try to invest your money on landed property as it appreciates over the time.

Do not spend for luxuries until you are sure that you are staying ahead of 

...............................and things like that..........

The Dad will tell you his own word like

Son!! your now a man so i expect you to go out there live like a man...i trust you..good luck.