Monday, 28 March 2016

The world marks this year's World Sleep Day>>>>

Image result for pics of world sleep day>>>>>>>>>As the world marks this year's world sleep day with the theme "Good Sleep is a reachable dream", expert and the organizer of World Sleep Day 2016,  a global initiative educating the public about sleep. have advised that it's vital to keep an eye on your sleep habits and seek help if you need it.

 As Nigeria celebrates with the world, experts have called for the enabling of good sleep awareness in the country towards promoting better leadership qualities. They argued that the average person spends approximately one third of his or her life in bed, sleeping, while also noting that good leaders sleep well. According to a study conducted by Good Health Weekly on sleep habits of highly successful people, the findings revealed the importance of sleep and good leadership.

The Group Managing Director of Vitafoam Nigeria Plc, Mr Taiwo Adeniyi while
speaking at a forum to mark the World Sleep day in Lagos weekend,  said "good sleep habits was essential for promoting healthy living". With reference to the Mckinsey quarterly report of February, 2016,  that says "The organizational cost of insufficient sleep" shows that sleep-awareness programmes can produce better leaders", Adeniyi noted that Nigeria's current economic challenges which can be traced to years of bad leadership, and would have been averted if the nation had better sleep awareness programmes for the public.

He also stated that this is why Vitafoam Nig. Plc will continue to support World Sleep Day in creating awareness for sleep and also provide quality products that enable Nigerians achieve a good night's sleep, in order to produce better leaders for our beloved country Nigeria. The experts pointed out some factors that help one get a good night sleep which include comfort, stress level, room temperature, while noting that to get it right,one has to start from the with the basics which is the mattress.

 Also, Chief Medical Director, Caribbean Health Limited, and guest speaker at the forum, Dr Patrick Ijewere, while speaking on the importance of adequate and quality, sleep on regular basis, pointed out that an adult requires an average of six to eight hours sleep everyday while younger ones should sleep longer. Good sleep makes a better individual, according to him, the quality of your sleep determines who you are the following day. "Our company's motto is health is by choice. Every animal on earth has a circle of sleep. But the concept of sleep is underestimated. Your day starts when you sleep" said Ijewere.

He concluded by saying that sleep deprivation can lead to many complications hence everyone should endeavour to have normal sleep irrespective of one's nature of work.
The World Sleep Day  is an annual event organized by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) since 2008. It is aimed to celebrate the benefits of good and healthy sleep and to draw society attention to the burden of sleep problems and their medicine, education and social aspects; to promote sleep disorders prevention and management.