Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Buhari and the defaulters>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>when Mr. President assumed seat, tackling corruption was the the

 first in the order of priority but since then we have not seen anybody of a corrupt nature that has been tried

for corruption rather it looks as if war against the opposition than getting down to the main business.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Tackling corruption will not be meaningful without being holistic in the business

rather than being selective.>>>>>>>>>>>>The present administration  tries to avoid some of the powerful

men and bully others>>>>>>>We all know that the real business of tackling corruption will start from

probing oga OBJ(President Obasanjo) and his administration which individuals and groups have urge our

dear President to do>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Amongst the men that urge Buhari to start the business from OBJ

is Chairman of Labour party, Abdulkadir Abdusalam who said Mr. President to be holistic by extending the

probe to former President , Cheif Olusegun Obasanjo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>