Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Arsenal lacks the finishing touches>>>>

Image result for pics of arsenal vs barcaHenry once said that Arsenal can not win a major trophy the the current striker but Wenger and the players taught it was a joke. Did the game justified the French man's comment on Giroud? Arsenal came close many time on Tuesday night when the current title holder visited but could not convert their chances.

Lionel Messi struck twice in the second half for the defending champions to give them the desired advantage over Arsenal but Wenger believed his side wasted a lot of chances that could have given them the desired result.
 The Arsenal boss told the media that his side had an unbelievable chance in the first half but the way they finished the chances today is a problem because he felt that they had missed something in the final third. According to Wenger, he was disappointed the way his side gave in especially the first goal.

 He said,  " I feel that we lost at the moment that we looked more capable of winning the game, and we also lost it in a way which we could not afford to give them".

 It’s a bit disappointing to give them the goals that we did, especially the first goal. I feel that we were extremely guilty and have no excuses for that goal. He likened the situation to that of last season when they were beaten by Monaco in the knockout stage of the same competition.

 Arsenal were caught on the counter for the first goal and Wenger suggested his side pushed too far and that they had not learned from their past mistakes. The game ended 2-0 in favor of the defending champion.

 Wenger admitted, it very difficult for Arsenal at the moment and said he thinks Barcelona are through but assured they are going to play their game during the second leg at Camp Nou in a month's time. The post 'Arsenal lacks the finishing touches' appears first on chipelez.blogspot.com