Thursday, 4 February 2016

Basic habits that will help promote your health>>>>

>>>>Attaining good health may be the goal of every one but some factors hinders us from achieving this goal. Sometimes pressure takes away the focus.
>>>There are some basic habits that one should adopt for good health to be achievable>>>>>below are those habits:Image result for pics of a healthy person
No smoking>>>>Smoking is associated with lung cancer and according to research, it accounts for about 90% of lung cancer death. Apart from that, it predisposes to many other ill-health. Avoiding cigarette smoking contributes a lot to a person’s health.
No or moderate intake of alcohol>>Excessive intake of alcohol has been associated with some medical conditions. Small quantity of of alcohol in the body may have a positive health effect but too much of it can lead to fatty stomach which constitute problem to many people.
Regular exercise>>>>Exercise helps to strengthen our cardio-vascular muscles, reducing the risk of heart problem and stroke. Many researchers has also established a positive relationship between physical exercise and mental ability.
Adequate sleep>>>>Shakespeare referred to sleep as nature’s soft nurse, talking about its restorative effect on the body. It is during sleep that the brain settles to analyze the day’s activities. Depriving yourself of enough sleep is a health problem itself. The required amount of sleep for adult is about 8-10 hours of sleep and for children 10-12 hours of sleep.
Adequate and healthy eating habit>>>>Choice of foods matters a lot. Eating at least three times a day or two in some cases. Adopting a wise selection of food and moderate intake every time is required for promotion of health.
Regular medical check up>>>This is important to know when a problem is setting in and find solution before it gets out of hand. Some sickness are better prevented and it is through check that the doctor will detect some suspected illnesses.