Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Coffee may reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis>>>>

Image result for pics of coffee>>>>Drinking a cups of coffee everyday reduces the risk of liver cirrhosis according to research.
 Taking two more cups of coffee  may lower the risk of developing the liver condition by 44%, according to researchers at Southampton University, who analyzed nine studies that examined the relationship between coffee consumption and the risk of cirrhosis.

Liver cirrhosis is irreversible liver damage that is characterized by scarring which is mostly caused by excessive alcohol consumption, infections such as hepatitis B virus. In some parts of the world, including America, alcohol is the most common cause of cirrhosis.
 This is an important health issue as this is one of the leading causes of death. 

The research was carried out, using 43,000 participants from nine studies.Eight of the nine studies examined shows that  increasing coffee consumption by two cups per day was associated with a statistically significant reduction in the risk of cirrhosis. 

According to the leader of the research team Dr. O. J. Kennedy, coffee appeared to protect against cirrhosis and this could be an important finding for patients at risk of cirrhosis to help to improve their health outcomes. 

However, he noted that there a still wide range of study to investigate the wider benefits and harms of coffee before doctors can make specific recommendations to patients.

Image result for pics of glass of coffee pouring downAccording to the analysis, one cup a day could lower the risk of cirrhosis by 22%, researchers found, while two cups reduced the risk by 43%, three cups by 57%, and four cups by 65%. The study concluded 

However, Dr. Hillel Tobias, a liver specialist and chairman of the American Liver Foundation's National Medical Advisory Committee, says the possible preventative effects of coffee are not new. A 2015 reported cited a potential link between coffee's health benefits and cirrhosis prevention.