Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Experts claims children born through IVF could have a shorten live>>>>

Evolutionary biologist, Dr Pascal Gagneux has stated that its widespread use could constitute a big problem as fast food.Image result for pics of Dr Pascal Gagneux According to him, fertility medics bypassed natural selection by choosing which sperm will fertilize an egg unlike in natural conception where millions to sperm competes and suggested that IVF babies are born out of the weaker sperm. He also worried about bathing IVF embryos in chemical before implanting it as he branded the whole process as an “evolutionary experiment” and added that the time bomb is the worst-case scenario. He associated IVF with the risk of diabetics, high blood pressure and obesity, while saying that shorten lifespan can not be ruled out. He told the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington DC: “I would compare it to fast food. “It took 50 years. Now we have the first generation that are shorter, heavier and die younger", while Prof Allan Pacey, of Sheffield University, insisted: “Evidence suggests IVF babies are on the whole as healthy as their naturally conceived counterparts. According to him, there is a wealth of epidemiological evidence to suggest that the babies born through IVF technologies are on the whole as healthy as their naturally conceived counterparts.He also said that some differences observed are largely explained by genetic defects in the sperm of the father and that is why some form of assisted conception is needed in the first place - rather than the fact that fertilization and embryo development occurred outside of the body.He concluded by saying,