Monday, 22 February 2016

Girls and Luxury>>>>>

Image result for pics of a lady next to carA man once walked up to a girl to ask for a favor but the girl looked down on him probably because he was on foot and the attire was just normal boy's wear. This man had developed love for this beautiful girl but the girl wouldn't let him, so he devised plan which he ask his friend to help him to carry it out. The plan was to hire a car and clothes and the friend will serve as his body guard. He saved some money, took the guy in the rented car with the hired clothes and set on to fulfill his plans. When they reached to where the girl was standing, the car stopped and the girl sighting the car, jumped out and was very happy she had something good. When the man winded the glass down, the girl was shocked but the man only ordered his friend- turned body guard to give the girl the girl they bought for her and they sped off. The next day, they repeated same and that made the girl to fall for the guy. They guy and the girl cruised in the car till after the party ended, they guy took back the car to the owner and the cloth back to the dry-cleaner where he got them. The girl later found out but everything had ended then. Do you think the guy is a sharp guy by doing that to get a girl or do you think he is foolish by wasting all that money just to satisfy himself.