Monday, 15 February 2016

Is she a good mother or a bad one>>>>

Image result for pics of a boy kneeling down in a class with the hands up>>>>One day a child came back from school and complained to his mother that he was flogged by the teacher in school that day. 
The mother was very angry about what the boy said, so she decided to go to the school and give the the teacher a warning. 
On that fateful day, the boy when to the school and was bragging that his mother would finish the teacher, but when the mother came something else happened.
 The mother after chatting with the teacher about what led to that, called the son and knelt him down in front of the classmates and the teacher, thanked and told the teacher to flog him very well anytime he misbehave. Is this mother a good mother and if it you were this boy,how would you feel and what would you tell your mother??????