Friday, 26 February 2016

Liberia: Ebola survivors faced with complicated health issues>>>>>

A research carried out by Partnership for Research on Ebola in Liberia (PREVAIL) has revealed that Ebola survivors  faced with complicated health issues.  PREVAIL has embarked on a five - year study of Ebola survivors and close associates. 

According to the study which was presented at the major scientific conference in the United States, the team stated that in less than one year, much have been learned about the long term health problem that can affect more than 15,000 Ebola virus disease (EVD) survivors in West Africa infected during the 2014-2015 outbreak. 
Top of the list of the complications diagnosed in the survivors in more than a year after the recovery of Ebola disease are eye complications, muscle and joint troubles, and neurological issues. 

The group also said,
Image result for pics of ebola survivor"Moreover, among more than 100 contacts who reported sexual activity with a survivor during convalescence, most did not use condoms regularly."
 These and other preliminary study findings were presented in Boston by the principal investigator of the study, Mosoka P. Fallah of the Liberian Ministry of Health.

 Dr. Fallah, comparing the findings from the study, pointed out that the medical problems are Ebola-specific and that the team is also carrying out blood samples test for anti-Ebola antibodies, a sign of past Ebola infection, also to see where and how long survivors can harbor remnants of the Ebola virus.