Monday, 8 February 2016

The dangers of prostitution>>>

>>>>>Prostitution is a common issue among every Nation of the world. Prostitution sometimes describe as commercial sex has often been referred as the world’s oldest profession.
Prostitution is defined as the act of practice of engaging oneself in a sexual activities for money. Prostitution may be legal in some culture but it is general a health issue.
>>>>Prostitute commonly referred to as sex worker is the person engages in the act. A variety of terms are used in different country to associate those who engage in prostitution. Prostitution also exist among males, they are referred to as male escort. Prostitution can be caused by various factors. Many entered in prostitution because of poverty, still others entered because of many other reasons such as pressure from the society.>>>>>>prostitute in a hotel room with a  man
Other causes of prostitution include: 

  • Unemployment.
  •  lack of contemptment.
  •  Societal influence and,
  • Drug abuse.
 Prostitution may sometimes be associated with illegal, abusive, and dangerous activities.
Prostitution has a wide range of risk associated with it>>>This may be direct or indirect. It may also cause a longtime damage to the person>>>Man looking for money for prostitute stock photo
Among the adverse effects of prostitution are

  • Spread of sexually transmitted disease

  • Spread AIDS virus

  • Physical abuse>>for example, street prostitution are at high risk of being battered by the customers.

  • Risk of unwanted pregnancy.

  • Damage to the reproductive organs.

  • Sexual exploit and rape.

  • The issue of abortion may crop up.

  • There may also be sign of depression. According to a reach in American Journal of Public Health 
article "HIV Infection, Risk Behaviors, and Depressive Symptoms among Puerto Rican Sex Workers, 70% of the participants [prostitutes] had high levels of depressive symptoms...
There may also be post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Prostitution may also have effect on an unbrne child such as ophthalmia neonatorum