Monday, 22 February 2016

Valentine: Is this gift of love or wickewdness>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>Many people go wild on Valentine, doing what they can not do on a normal day. This guy fell in Image result for pics of a girl sitting and drinking red winelove with this beautiful girl but couldn't tell the girl because of her class, though they were just ordinary friends. He had been thinking on how to let the girl know. So on the Val's day, the guy begged the girl to go on a date with him which the girl accepted, he asked the girl to come to his house so they can go through there. The guy got some red wines,chicken, and some goodies so they could enjoy. When the girl came, the guy was about to bath so he offered the girl a bottle of red wine to keep her company. The guy stood by the side and watched the girl for long while the girl downed the bottle of wine. At the last gulp of the wine, the guy came out, talking to the girl found out that she was drunk, immediately entered the girl unprotected. A week later the girl got pregnant but the boy denied it because he was jobless.

    Who should you blame????
                           The girl going to the guy's house and getting drunk or the guy getting tempted and impregnating the girl in the process