Saturday, 6 February 2016

You can't believe this but its a true life story>>>>

            Wonders shall never end!! This happened in a town in Anambra State. A man inflicted madness on his colleague because he was owing him some amount of money. This two men, according to report struck a deal but his colleague ran away with the money, taking all to himself.
 The man kept calling this his colleague and asking for his share of the money but the other would always plead with the man to give him some time. What infuriate the man was coming home and seeing the man that was always pleading building a new house and renovating the old one, so he had no choice than to go to a Native doctor to inflict him with madness. This act is it out of wickedness or is this man that inflicted some one with madness justified in his action. Who is to be blame in this situation. The post 'You can't believe this but its a true life story' first appears on